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Raven: Get a Grip

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In Raven: Get a Grip, Pat Thomas shares her wonder about ravens and celebrates the "perhaps.." inside nuggets of personal truths.

Raven: Get a Grip, is the first of a three-book series on ravens.  Presenting visuals with text, Raven: Get a Grip provides information and narratives that reveal different belief systems and perspectives on ravens.

These books are mash-ups containing insights and information, stories and research, art and photography with the emphasis on the equal value of each contribution.  The books present a wealth of information and personal impressions, with each two-page spread telling its own story.

The books provide glimpses of ravens for you to digest as delicious bits and bytes.

Raven: Get a Grip pays homage to ravens.  To accomplish this, Pat Thomas draws upon science, exciting stories and dazzling illustrations that capture our attention and imagination.  Superior intelligence on wings, ravens are living proof of another species leading complicated lives that, amazingly, rival the human condition.-Bob Bancroft, President of Nature Nova Scotia, wildlife and fisheries biologist, often a guest on CBC Maritime Noon


Pat Thomas is an editor who has worked with numerous New York Time best-selling authors.

  • Softcover, 196 pages
  • Published by: WindyWood Publishing, Hubbards, Nova Scotia