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Mod Lewis - Maud Lewis-Inspired Greeting Cards

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These Maud Lewis-inspired greeting cards are sure to bring a smile to any Maud or sci-fi enthusiast. Mod Lewis greeting cards are creator Andrew Burked mash-ups of Maud Lewis's paintings and sci-fi  and pop culture. Digby County is visited by Luke Skywalker, the Alien Xenomorph and baby Yoda. Using Maud's signature folk art painting style we see a game of Mario Cart played on Digby's frozen roads and her iconic deer are reinterpreted as My Little Pony characters. Everyone knows someone who will love these cards.

Andrew Burke is the magical power behind ‘We don't just build ships - we build STAR ships!

  • 5"w x 4.25"h
  • Blank inside
  • White envelope included