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Halifax Art & Artists: An Illustrated History by Ray Cronin

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One of the oldest settlements in Canada, Halifax is the site of landmark firsts in Canadian art history, including the first public art exhibition and the first fine art association. Not only is Nova Scotia’s capital steeped in Maritime history, it is also home to one of the boldest, most radical contemporary art scenes in the country, a place known for its extraordinary spirit of innovation. Halifax Art & Artists: An Illustrated History brings these two spheres together, offering an exploration of creativity in the city from time immemorial to the present.

To the Mi'kmaq peoples, Halifax is known as Kjipuktuk or "Great Harbour" - it is one of the largest natural harbours in the world. A centre for trade in the colonial era, the city has been home to numerous artists, from nineteenth-century portrait painters like Joseph Comingo to contemporary multidisciplinary makers like Ursula Johnson. As well, it has been a critical touchstone for iconic figures in the region, including folk artist Maud Lewis and the great realist painter Alex Colville.

  • 276 pages, hardcover
  • Publisher: The Canadian Art Library; May 1, 2024