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Art History Heroes Action Figures

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Both a social media feed and toy company, Today Is Art Day aims to bring art to its fans in ground-breaking ways.

The Art History Heroes collection of action figures depicts famous artists through history. Each figurine includes masterpieces and cardboard easel and 10 fun facts about the artist on the box. They also have interactive features that the artist is known for – change Dali’s mustache, dip Monet in water and see his outfit change or remove Van Gogh’s ear and replace it with a bandage!

Action figure are approximately 5 inches tall on a transparent base.


  • Vincent van Gogh - Removable ears and bandaged ear
  • Frida Kahlo - A fresh wild rose scent and detachable surrealist heart and parrot
  • Leonardo da Vinci - Glow-in-the-dark hair and beard
  • Vermeer - Signature pearl earrings in his hand
  • Rembrandt - Customisable facial expressions based on his famous self-portraits
  • René Magritte - Bowler hat, scented apple, signature pipe, foot-shoe
  • Claude Monet - Heat-reactive paint - colour-changing jacket, pants and frog
  • Gustav Klimt - Reusable stickers, inspired by his Golden Phase, to wrap around the figurine
  • Salvador Dali - 3 sets of wacky interchangeable mustaches made of stainless steel
  • Mary Cassatt - Removable hat with faux-fur
  • DIY Van Gogh (paints not included)