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Colleen Wolstenholme: Complications by Ray Cronin

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Colleen Wolstenholme: Complications
Ray Cronin

2021 / Canadian Art, Biography, Artists /
9781554472147 / Trade paper / 64 pp

A Gaspereau Field Guide to Canadian Artists: Vol. 6

Multidisciplinary artist Colleen Wolstenholme achieved wide notoriety in the late 1990s when her sculptural works and jewellery based on the forms of antidepressant medications were discussed around the world, not only within the visual art scene but also in the pages of Psychology Today, The Guardian, and the LA Times. Unifying her wide-ranging body of work is a feminist critique, steeped in postmodernism, that explores a generation’s distrust of systems, hierarchies, styles, genres, markets, and other expressions of control imposed by culture on women. By engaging and subverting these forms of coercion, Wolstenholme demonstrates art’s powerful potential as a counteracting force.