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From Ben Loman to the Sea

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This unique book that will delight both children and story time readers. It combines the poetry of Lance Woolaver and the sunny paintings of Maud Lewis. The rhyming verse story is set in rural Nova Scotia in the the past. We see through the eyes of a young man who leaves home and goes to sea but longs to return. The Maud Lewis paintings capture the countryside of the young sailor's memories.

The art of Maud Lewis is among Canada's greatest treasures. Though she lived in conditions of abject poverty and was crippled by severe arthritis, her creative imaginations soared above these difficult circumstances.

Lance Woolaver is a poet, playwright, lyricist and director. Originally from Digby, Nova Scotia, he resides in Halifax. He is well known for his numerous books about Maud Lewis ranging from nonfiction to poetry.

  • Author: Lance Woolaver
  • Nimbus Publishing, 2013
  • 32 pages, hardcover
  • 7”x6.5”