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From Ben Loman to the Sea

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The art of Maud Lewis is among Canada's greatest treasures. Though she lived in conditions of abject poverty and was crippled by severe arthritis, her creative imaginations soared above these difficult circumstances.

Sitting by the window of her tiny house, Lewis painted sunny scenes of idyllic rural life, filled with brilliant colours, gentle animals, and cheerful domesticity. Despite her humble background, Lewis's joyful paintings achieve a quality of emotion and beauty reached only in the greatest art; an achievement befitting Canada's most beloved folk artist.

This is a unique book that will delight both children and adults! From Ben Loman to the Sea combines the work of folk artist Maud Lewis with the poetry of Lance Woolaver.

  • Author: Lance Woolaver
  • Nimbus Publishing, 2013
  • 32 pages, hardcover
  • 7”x6.5”