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Horsman's Hearth Candles

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Beeswax candles and plant magic.

Veronica Goodfellow is a photographer by training. Gardener, knitter, spinner and maker most of the other time. She has been intuitively working with plants as a green witch for two years, though an all-around gardener for four. She photographs, spins, knits and make candles around the hearth.

Hand-dipped tapered and beehive, or skep-shaped, tealight candles are made using pure beeswax from Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia and 100% cotton wicks.

Traditionally, the beehive has been a symbol of abundance, harmony and protection.

Please note that candles have the honey-sweet scent natural to beeswax and are hand-crafted items; no two are alike in appearance.

Approximate burn time: 

Small tapers = 1 hour per candle

Large tapers = 4.5 hours per candle

Beehive tealight = 3 hours each